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About Us

Divine Light Empire LLC. is a multi-business conglomerate for Arts, Sales of Spiritual and Internet Management Books, Publishing and Promotion of Artistes and Agency for various business outfits. Divine Light Empire promotes and supports Divine Light Bearers organization, which is neither a political nor religious organization, but it is a non-racial, non-profit and non-sectarian group organized to spiritually sanitize the world so that people would live in peace with respect and appreciation for one another. As a moral and spiritual organization, Divine Light Bearers highlight the evils that men and women in governments and other agencies perpetrate , which undermine the citizenry of such nations.

Our Mission

1) We are committed to correcting all the error concepts on spiritual maters, which are entrenched in human consciousness for centuries, which are false foundations on which most of mankind build their philosophies of life and are having hiccups. Pls. copy and paste:

2) Arranging training programs for the young generation and the elderly people who need such assistance to unfold their
divinely allotted talents and gifts, to enable them fulfill their mission, and also to empower at least 100 persons who are qualified and ready to empower
others. Pls. copy and paste:

3) Helping unprivileged and physically challenged persons to unfold their divinely allotted talents and gifts, to enable them to fulfill their mission.

Kingdom Zion Empowerment!!!!!!!!!

Wealth Is End-Result Of Multiple Resources!

Little drops of water make an ocean!!!

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Remember we promised to empower as many persons as possible. This is what we are
doing. Take advantage of this opportunity to be where you will like to be.


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Our Value

We are committed to empowering upward of 100 persons who are qualified and ready to empower upward of 100 persons too. We envisage a situation where upward of 1000 people we empowered, also empower upward of 1000 persons each.

We help people to discover themselves thereby being in control of their destiny

(In the third video, which was recorded years before Saddam Hussein was arrested, tried and executed, I predicted his untimely death, as found in his name. The rest is history)