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Divine Light Empire .Com presents the works of Patrick O. Nora’s 40 years’ research on the
Theology of the Holy Qabalah, which is a uniting point for all
Conventional and Traditional Religions, all Mysticism and
Metaphysics, and all Philosophies of the world. He discovered within these years of his research how to tap information from the Celestial bodies, so that their influences on man would be made known to man, in the interest of humanity. This system he called 'Divine Pyramidscope'. You are invited to avail yourself of this
presentation to
begin to know thyself, as advised by the great Master Jesus. Join the Crusade in spreading the New Aquarian Age Esoteric Gospel of Christ.

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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" says the LORD.

We must read extensively to obtain the LIGHT of knowledge which removes darkness in all ramifications.

We have Books that take the reader by Hand through spiritual upliftment and Online Business, respectively.

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